Fr. Mark's Updates 
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Unplug! Disconnect! Power down!
Listen within your heart to the
Word of God. St. Paul warns us all of
becoming “minion” to our society.
We are all mindless robots at times
as our heads and hearts spend more
time buried in technology than they
do in the realities of life and love in our
world relationships. We can become
virtual slaves.
On this last Sunday of the month of
August and as we prepare to step into
the realities of life, school, work and
relationships, let us remember to love
the Lord and one another. Go ahead,
be brave and unplug for an hour and
listen to the wisdom of God.

Spiritual Reflection:
Why is it so easyto spend hours on a computer, phone
or tablet without ever checking the
time; yet, so difficult to spend a little
time with God?