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All are welcome is not a motto or a song. Rather, it is a goal that we
can only reach together. The Canaanite woman came down from the hills to plead her cause and Jesus ignores her. Wow! However, she persists unto the point where the disciples of Jesus are getting aggravated and they beg Him to address her. Jesus still refuses, stating
He is too busy.
Finally, after much begging andpersistence from the woman (the outsider) Jesus gives answer to her request to have her daughter healed.
What similarities do we see on our southern borders these days with the presence of Christ in the stranger knocking on our doors? Do we ignore as Jesus did? Do we deny as Jesus did?
Perhaps we do for a lot of valid reasons… as Jesus did! However, as we see in the Gospel, Jesus eventually gives in due to the persistence of the Canaanite woman pleading her cause.

Spiritual Reflection:
Christ, the outsider
and foreigner among us, is pleading His
cause at our southern borders. What
answer shall we give?