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Today, as we celebrate the Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord we must ask ourselves where we are in the story. We chime in with the cast of characters and join the chant - "Crucify him, crucify him!"
I wonder if sometimes we don’t really want Him to be hauled away and to quit complicating our lives? The answer, of course, becomes our examination of conscience: How well have we lived out His discipleship? Probably, fairly weakly!
The remedy is for us to truly enter into the moment of Truth on Calvary and to accept the redemption won for us through His selfless act of love.
If we don’t see the act of love and hope in the meaning of the Cross, then His and our suffering will never bring conversion to our lives of selfish choice. And, so the journey continues…
Spiritual Reflection:
Leave the Passion script behind and walk the Passion of Jesus. And, so OUR journey continues…