Fr. Mark's Updates 
This page contains updates from Fr. Mark with resources, articles, and stories from homilies that are available to all parishioners.

I do a lot of shopping on the Internet
because I know that I can find the
best deal out there. I compare and
contrast and only make the purchase
once I feel confident that I have found
the best price.
I believe many in our world today do
a little comparison shopping to find
the best value at the least amount of
cost to us.
In our Scriptures today, we find out
that there are some things that are
exactly what they appear: no sales, no
gimmicks, no markdowns.
There IS a treasure; and, IT is yours to
have. Are you willing to pay the price?
Some will walk away in favor of the
short-term happiness of this afternoon.
Some will purchase the field with the
treasure because it is worth their entire
lives. What will you do?

Spiritual Reflection:
Do I seek the treasure of today’s happiness or tomorrow’s everlasting joy?