Scrip Program

Scrip Certificates Make Great Gifts for Any Occasion! 
About the Scrip Program

The SCRIP program provides a way for parents, parishioners, family and friends to contribute to the school through their everyday purchases.  This can be done in two ways, by purchasing Gift Cards or by registering for the Electronic Program.  Every time you purchase one of these Gift Certificates or use your electronically registered cards , St. Luke School will earn a percentage from your shopping.

This is one of the easiest fundraisers and hassle-free programs that St. Luke School promotes.

We are asking all parishioners, alumni, friends and businesses to help us continue to provide an excellent faith-based education for the students, by simply purchasing SCRIP or by participating in the grocery programs that the school has currently signed-up with.

Every time the checker swipes your registrered card(s), St. Luke School will receive a percentage of your total bill.  There is no extra cost to you. 

When you purchase SCRIP or participate in the grocery programs, we are able to continue to help fund school programs such as science, sports, art, technology, music, and many other programs.  Your assistance in the continuation of these endeavors provides important financial support for further improvements and helps maintain our school's excellent programs.  This success can only be sustained by the active participation of our community. 

A full description of the current SCRIP program can be found here: SCRIP BROCHURE

An extended variety of gift cards can be found through .