Celebrating a Great Community

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Celebrating 21 Years of
a Great Community Tradition

Soon after St. Luke Church’s founding in 1946, the parish began a community tradition that was quickly made famous not only for its offerings, but for the crowds it drew.

The parish founded an annual bazaar and ham dinner to foster a sense of community and raise funds for parish activities.
This volunteer endeavor was made possible by the dedication and talents of its parishioners.

The men in the parish constructed the booths that housed the games and homemade food. Several carnival rides were excitedly ridden over and over again by the brave. Also, a White Elephant booth served as a giant garage sale with donations from parishioners.

Through much use, the booths wore down and under various circumstances the annual bazaars were cancelled around 1980, but excitedly brought back in 1987 under the guidance of Father Thomas King.

Keeping with the times and idea surrounding the event, the parish initiated the old tradition with a new name: The St. Luke Annual Fiesta. True to its roots, the event was entirely volunteer-run. The fiesta was to be on a larger scale than the previous bazaars.

Rather than a ham dinner, a tradition of a delicious Sunday BBQ was held for numerous years. The White Elephant Booth was replaced with a Country Corner Craft Boutique, containing original, handcrafted items, and the thrill seekers have many more rides to choose from.

Today, approximately 900 volunteers, young and old, work in the food and game booths throughout the weekend. The amazing part is that many of the volunteers worked when the first bazaars began more than 50 years ago.

The Beer Garden is a popular site to eat, chat with friends, and watch the latest sports games on TV screens. Besides numerous amusement park style rides, the fiesta features over 20 game booths, a Plant Booth, Silent Auction, and a Grand Prize Raffle.

Also, don’t forget the many 50/50 raffles throughout the weekend, and be sure to stop by the Confetti Egg Booth to purchase a few confetti-filled eggs that you can “gently smash” on friends’ and family members’ heads. All in the name of fun, of course!

This three-day event is a tremendous undertaking and the church depends on the support and volunteerism of its parishioners and support from the community.

Approximately 10,000 people enjoy the good food, rides, and entertainment throughout the weekend in a safe and clean environment.

We invite you to enjoy the hospitality, community, and old-fashioned fun of the weekend!


Fiesta Fun Facts
•The St. Luke Fiesta has been rained on by April showers just a few times, but the rain has never shut down the fiesta.

•The annual bazaars were held in June, not April.

•The Fresh Fruit Booth was introduced at the 2006 fiesta.

•The Baked Goods Booth features homemade cakes, pies, cookies and other treats made by parishioners.

•The 1989 Fiesta, The Fabulous 50s, featured a juke box in the eating area.

•Country-western singing sensation Casey Simpson headlined Saturday night at the 2002 and 2003 Fiestas. Casey Simpson appeared on Nashville Star in 2005.

•NBA Star Shaquille O’Neal’s autographed, size 22 playing shoe was raffled at the 2000 Fiesta for over $1,000.

•Don’t miss your chance to “splash” several well-known parishioners who will be featured in the Splash Booth throughout the weekend.

•The 50/50 raffle on Saturday night usually tops $1,000.

Have an
EGG-citing Time!
One of the most fun-filled and legendary aspects of the St. Luke Annual Fiesta is the Confetti Egg Booth.

For years, the young and old have purchased confetti-filled eggs to “gently smash” on friends’ and family members’ heads - and then top it off with some silly string. All in the name of fun, of course!

The excitement of surprising someone from behind with a confetti egg is a memory many can share. This year’s supply of confetti eggs tops over 15,000!