Advertising Program
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St. Luke Parish offers several opportunities to financially support the parish while promoting your business. The details of the program are outlined below. For more information, please contact the Parish Office at (626) 291-5900 or e-mail Thank you in advance for your support! 

Advertise Your Business on the St. Luke Web site
Did you know you can advertise on the St. Luke Web site?  It’s easy and inexpensive, only $7-10 a month.  We have a consistent flow of traffic weekly. Parishioners and others visit our site for a reason: the extensive features and information updated weekly.

Consider these features to the advertiser:
Great for Consultants and Business Owners
1. Own advertising page
2. Advertising recognition in our Sunday Bulletin
3. Advertising recognition on the homepage of the Web site
Advertising your business on the site could bring attention to your store and services.
Create visibility for your business to parishioners, the community and the world.

How it Works:
A main page entitled Our Local Support will list all local businesses, which in turn will have a link to your own page within our site. 

Business’s own page will be its advertising space.
1. If business has a Web site, we can make a link to that site
2. Can create a more detailed advertisement oriented toward a church and community group
3. Can place coupons or discounts on page (limited or unlimited time)
i.e.: Discounts for parishioners.
4. $7.00 a month for parishioner-owned businesses, businesses already advertising in the Sunday Bulletin, or members of the Temple City Chamber of Commerce ($42.00 for six months, $84.00 for 1 year)
5. $10.00 a month for non-parishioner businesses ($60.00 for six months, $100.00 for 1 year)
6. Must commit to a minimum of six months of advertising and pay by check at that time

Advantages to Advertisers:
1. Business may submit changes to their advertisement at any time for no extra charge.
2. Advertising space is large and can have pictures and logos (can submit through e-mail or on PC formatted disk or photocopy)
3. Business gains large advertising space for minimal cost

If interested in advertising your business on the our Web site, contact the Parish Office at (626) 291-5900 or via e-mail at

NOTE: Webmaster of St. Luke Church will see to the uploading of material and maintaining of pages. St. Luke Church reserves the right to refuse to upload any material or links to other sites that are, in our opinion, deemed inappropriate or unnecessary.

Advertise Your Business in the St. Luke Parish Sunday Bulletin
For more information, please contact the Parish Office at (626) 291-5900.

Advertise Your Business as a St. Luke Parish Annual Fiesta Sponsor
For more information, please contact the Parish Office at (626) 291-5900 or e-mail