What is Confirmation?                                                                                                                                      

The Confirmation program is a two-year process in which young Catholics prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation in which the teens prepare to be initiated into the church as adults. 

This is a time for them to make a decision about their faith.  This program is for teenagers in high school only.  Registration takes place the summer before classes begin and this may be done through the Parish Office or online.

The sacraments create an intimate connection with God. Three sacraments complete our
initiation into the Catholic faith: Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation. In Baptism, we are born
the intimate connection. The connection is nourished and sustained with the Eucharist. In
Confirmation, our baptismal grace and bond with the Church is strengthened. In the final
sacrament of initiation into the Catholic faith, the oil of chrism seals us with the Gifts of the Holy
Spirit forever; an indelible mark that cannot be repeated.  If you would like more detailed information regarding the Sacrament of Confirmation,
please contact the Director of Youth Ministry and Confirmation.

Mission Statement of St. Luke the Evangelist Confirmation Process
St. Luke’s Confirmation Process serves the community by creating opportunities for
teens to encounter Christ, preparing teens to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, and
developing evangelistic leaders.
Vision Statement of St. Luke the Evangelist Confirmation Process
St. Luke’s Confirmation Process evangelizes each teen we encounter by developing
personal, Christ-centered relationships, welcoming them into a Catholic community filled
with adult and teen Marian role models, providing Catholic catechesis based on the
Catechism, Scripture, and personal witness, and fostering an understanding and desire to
partake in a Sacramental life with the intent of creating active apostles who will spread the Gospel to all people through their lifestyle example, vibrantly alive faith, and
knowledge of the Catholic Church’s teachings



The Confirmation Process is a 2-year journey in Christian growth based on the belief that
adolescents are at a significant point in their faith journey where they are beginning to establish a personal faith identity. Through sharing of their own journey and interaction with others, the
candidates are assisted in identifying and understanding how God is working in their lives, and
come to a new realization of faith within the context of the parish community. The candidates
have everything to gain and nothing to lose in being a member of the Body of Christ and being
blessed by the Holy Spirit. The following outlines the basics of the Confirmation Program at St.
Luke the Evangelist Church.

  The program meets every other week for two hours. There will be some combined
gatherings for a total of 18 classes per year. Please refer to the calendar.

 Candidates are placed in small faith sharing groups led by an adult and a peer minister who will journey together through the year.

 Attendance is a priority. This program is a spiritual journey. It is not a matter of reading
a book or writing answers on a paper. Sharing is the primary community builder and separates this process from all others. One cannot share if one is not there! It takes commitment not only on the behalf of the candidate but also on part of the parent/guardian.

 We must have a copy of every candidate’s Baptismal Certificate in order for him/her to be confirmed. Do not let time pass! Avoid the added stress in your life and turn it in ASAP!

 • As committed parents there are many ways you too can be active in your youth’s faith
    journey. For example, you can assist us in transportation for service projects, participate     as  an aid, help in the office and support scheduled events and fundraisers. As a family united in faith, you will be blessed receive many graces.  

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